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Fire Alarm System (Conventional)
Addressable Hybrid Conventional Sensor & Devices
2 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel 4 Zone Fire Alarm control panel
8 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel 16 Zone Fire Alarm control panel
This is a Conventional fire alarm control panel which monitors its 8 zones status and display the same to its main console via LED's, LCD. In case of event (fire, fault, short) it will indicate the respective zone on its console and also perform the required function like activating the common hooter of the panel.

8 fully monitored fire zones with up to 160 conventional detectors.
Microcontroller Based Fire Alarm Panel.
Zone isolate features via switch.
Facility of Reset, Silence, Lamp test.
Short Circuit/Overload Protection.
2x16 Character LCD Display.
End of line resistance 4K7.
1 siren outputs for common fire.
1 "fire" Voltage free relay output.
1 "Fault" Voltage free relay output.
Inside battery charger circuit.
12V DC Output Relay Contact.
AHU Relay.
One man walk test.
Technical Specification
Mains voltage 220~230V AC
Frequency 50~60 Hz
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Quiescent current 500 mA
Current consumption for ext. devices 3A max.
LED Indication Present
LCD Indication Present
Operational temperature range -10 / +60°С
Relative humidity resistance (93 ± 3) % at 40°С
Housing CRC Sheet
Color White
Zoom Picture
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