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Fire Alarm System
Addressable Hybrid Conventional Sensor & Devices
  Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel   Addressable Detectors   Addressable Devices
Addressable Isolator Module

Isolator Module shall be provide to automatically Isolate wire – to – wire short circuits on an SLC class A or class B branch. At least one Isolator Module shall be provided for each floor or protected zone of the building.
Programmable Electronic Sounder or Strobe Cum Sounder

This type of device is used to manually or automatically initiate the alarm signal at the time of event.
Addressable Control Module

Addressable Control Modules shall be provided to supervise and control the Operation of one Conventional appliance. For fan shutdown...
Addressable Monitor Module

Addressable monitor modules shall be provided to supervise and collect the information of conventional detector attached in system. The monitor module shall mount in a standard box, or to a surface mounted back box.
Addressable Input Module

Addressable Input Modules shall be provided to supervise and collect the data of one Conventional appliance. For flow switch and other anxiliary Input functions, the Input module may be set to collect the data from...

Addressable Manual Call Point

The manual initiation devices shall be electrically compatible with all of the aforementioned detector types and shall be complete...

Addressable Repeater Panel

The Function of this unit is to repeat the indications which are visualizing on main panel for remote annuncitions.
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