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Daksh (Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel )
Addressable Hybrid Conventional Sensor & Devices
Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel Addressable Detectors Addressable Devices
The system will be capable of providing fire, fault disablement & supervisory as required by the end user. System shall be of addressable type .i.e. all the devices shall be allocated addresses at the time of commissioning. The complete information of all the devices connected in a loop should be transferred to the Main control Panel. The Main Control should pool the devices and other modules for gathering the information and sending the command for operation respectively. The status of all the devices connected in a loop shall be displayed in Main Control Panel for faster response of Fire Man.

Works on RS- 485 Communication Protocol.
Up to 250 device connectivity in single loop.
Microcontroller based fire alarm system.
2-wirescommunication with all monitors and control modules.
LED/LCD indication of Fire, Fault, Power on, Power Fault, Device addresses, Battery Fault.
Programmable control module to give flexibility to system.
Password Protection to prevent unauthorised operation of keypad.
Event logging with date and time.
Alphanumeric keypad for onsite programming.
Up to 999 event logs storing capacity.
Graphical LCD with Backlit Display for easy operations.
20 character for device text makes it easy to assign big name.
Power supply and battery charger with all power signal.
Battery backup with built in charger.
Thermal Printer (Optional).
Computer connectivity (Optional).
Technical Data
Main power supply AC 220V, 50HZ
Back-up power supply DC 24V, 12AH (built-in)
Basic supervise capacity 10 loops,250 addressable points per loop,
External control unit 5 pieces
External control unit contact capacity DC 30V,1A.
Polling cycle ≤10 seconds (single point continuous searching in abnormal situation)
Signal transportation distance ≤1000 m (RVS-2×1.0mm2), ≤1500 m (RVS-2×1.5mm2),
Alarm line wiring method 2-wire bus
Voltage in alarm bus 24V (18V-26V)
Operation temperature 0C~55C
Relative Humidity =95%
Black box record number Be able to keep latest 999 pieces records, including opening machine, close machine, reset, fire alarm, supervising, associated operation and fault alarm).
Associated operation
programmable number
100 pieces, including OR1, OR2 & AND logic.
Location conversion capacity

10×250 pieces, each can have 20 English characters.

Fire alarm output relay 1 set ,voltage free contact, close when there is fire alarm
Fault output relay

1 set ,voltage free contact, close when there is fault

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