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Fire Alarm System (Detectors)
Addressable Hybrid Conventional Sensor & Devices
Conventional Heat Detectors Conventional Smoke Detectors
The function of this unit is to sense the heat and also rate of rise in temperature via thermister and accordingly gives the fire signal. These Detectors works on Voltage sensing techniques.
Fixed cum rate of rise in temperature Heat Detectors;
Microcontroller based highly reliable and reduce false alarms;
Sensitivity Adjustment Facility.
Dual LED's for 360 °С Visibility.
Sleek low Profile Housing Design.
Large operating voltage range.
All detectors can be assembled on one primary loop.
Blinks Green in normal condition and steady Red in case of fire.
Easy Installation.
Technical Specification
Operating Voltage 10~32V DC
Quiescent Current ≤ 75 µA
Current Consumption at Alarm Condition 50 mA
LED Indication Present
Temperature Range 57° C/137 °F, 9° per minute (ROR)
Operational Temperature Range -0۫C to +80۫C operating
Operating Humidity ≤ 90% RH
Housing ABS Plastic
Color White
Dimensions 580x845x162
Weight approx. 17000g
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