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Fire Alarm System  (Sensor & Devices)
Addressable Hybrid Conventional Sensor & Devices
LHS Cables
Linear Heat Sensing (LHS) cable is a versatile and economical fire detection product. Designed for use in a wide variety of fire and heat detection applications, LHS cable is particularly suited for harsh environmental conditions, where maintenance access is in a physical or hazardous area or where there is a requirement to cost-effectively install fire detection in close proximity to the hazard.

Features & Benefits :-
Identifies and displays, at the control panel, the alarm location anywhere along its length when used with the Location Meter.
Steel inner conductors and select outer jackets, provide resistance to mechanical damage.
Simple to install and splice with common tools. Junctions can be made without affecting the integrity of the system.
Compatible with alarm initiating devices on the same circuit such as manual pull stations, thermal heat detectors and smoke detectors.
Can be installed in hazardous areas when used with suitable Control Panels.
Full range of temperatures and models available to accommodate the most demanding applications.
Capability to withstand the mechanical damage, tensile, water and corrosion and EMI with metal matted house and coating.
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