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Since 1999, Daksh has built a reputation for innovative engineering, high-quality manufacturing, and exceptional technical support. We remain dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions and customized products that meet our customers' unique project requirements. Our team of well-trained and experienced professionals offers comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to commercial, residential, and government projects alike.

At Daksh, we firmly believe that quality is an integral part of our products, processes, and transactions. We follow a disciplined methodology of defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling quality across all aspects of our performance. As an organization, we value innovation and excellence, striving to offer our clients the most flexible solutions backed by the highest standards of service, cutting-edge technology, and practical experience.

We are committed to delivering exceptional results to our clients and maintaining our position as a leader in the industry. Thank you for considering Daksh for your engineering needs.</p

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Why We Are Best

Emphasis On R&D

The innovative, future-oriented nature of Daksh products is a direct result of our high priority on Research & Development. We invest a large portion of our budget in our in-house R&D and new technologies. The result speaks for themselves about our product quality.

User friendly products

Our R&D always focuses on developing technically sophisticated products, yet user-friendly and simple to use & configure. This helps to keep training and maintenance costs low for on-site training and it enhances our customer satisfaction.


We continually work on improving our products, our processes, and ourselves. We strive always to understand our customer’s businesses and help them achieve their goals. We are dedicated to diversity, fair treatment, mutual respect, and trust.

Team work

We foster an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, and results through teamwork. We practice leadership that teaches, inspires, and promotes full participation and career development. We encourage open and effective communication and interaction to maintain transparency between our departments.


We honor the commitments we make, and take personal responsibility for all actions and results. We create an operating discipline of continuous improvement. When we start working on a project we give our all to finish that project. The supply we provide is always on time which helps achieving deadline


Continually improving the Quality of Products by replacing discrete components with SMD components. Process & Systems:- By introducing Pick and placement machines, Reflow ovens, Stencil Printers, etc. These machinery help us deliver the quality our customers want and that is why we are the best in the market.


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Daksh is a fire alarm system manufacturer. We have our factory installed in Sitarganj Industrial Area. We manufacture and supply all the fire alarm system accessories and materials.

We only supply the material however there are a lot of companies associated with us who can help us install our systems anywhere. We provide Supply, Commissioning, and Testing only.

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